About Toman

ZHEJIANG TOMAN INTELLIGENT MANUFACTURING technology CO.,LTD.is located in the New District of Binjiang in Hangzhou. It mainly provides automation equipment, industrial robot and other "machine changing" products and services for the machinery manufacturing industry, and provides "intelligent manufacturing" solutions based on improving efficiency, reducing cost, improving quality and optimizing management for manufacturing enterprises.

The company is a national Torch Program high and new technology enterprise, provincial patent demonstration enterprise, industrial information engineering company provincial key enterprise research institute, Zhejiang province machine exchange service company. The company has accumulated more than 310 patents, and has drawn up 8 industry standards.

Up to now, it has provided more than 30 thousand automatic machine replacement solutions for the manufacturing industry of bearings, auto parts, gears and other manufacturing industries, providing intelligent manufacturing solutions for more than 110 enterprises. In June 2017, it began to participate in the "100 enterprise promotion activities" of the Xinchang bearing industry, which formed a replicable "Xinchang" "Mode" has been highly recognized and recognized by the Ministry of industry, the Ministry of industry and the provincial government.


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