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ZHEJIANG TOMAN CLOUD COMPUTING CO., LTD. is a newly established company positioned as "Driving Customer Value Promotion with Industrial Big Data" and transforming service providers of industrial Internet platform. It was registered in Binjiang District of Hangzhou City in November 2018. It mainly provides big data application services and cloud computing services for selected industries, and helps enterprises to implement product quality traceability and equipment pre-maintenance management. Enterprises operate health management services.

TOMAN cloud computing, as the main data operator of industrial Internet platform, is based on the essential requirement of manufacturing enterprises to "improve quality, increase efficiency, reduce cost and improve management". It provides the whole replicable industry solution of equipment intellectualization, production digitalization and Management Networking in batches for the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises in specific industries by Internet mode, and is distributed through "digital manufacturing, platform service". Now it helps enterprises to excavate data value and improve their comprehensive competitiveness and management ability. The TM-e micro-intelligent manufacturing system tailored to the industry helps small and medium-sized enterprises to quickly realize digital transformation on the basis of the original equipment in a "low-cost, easy-to-use" way, so that enterprises can enjoy the value-added services of data management with less effort and money. Up to now, the company has provided intelligent manufacturing solutions for 211 enterprises. Through the construction of industrial Internet platform of bearing industry, the company has solved the problems of "difficult maintenance, difficult management and difficult upgrading" after the digital technological transformation of bearing enterprises by platform service. Through the services of enterprise resource optimization management, production process management, risk control and product life cycle management, the company has improved its enterprises. Source optimization, risk control and profit space mining capabilities, through the construction of platform knowledge base to achieve knowledge output experience, to provide more knowledge guarantee for continuous improvement of enterprises.

In order to better serve industry enterprises and realize cross-industry development of the platform, the company is actively expanding from bearing industry to 3-5 horizontal industries such as fasteners and gears, and continuously increasing R&D investment, integrating new generation communication technology, cloud computing and big data technology, and will gradually launch self-developed TM-ACS adaptive control system and TM-SPC statistical quality control system, launching the traditional system. The innovative challenges of manufacturing business model help small and medium-sized enterprises to solve such problems as difficult quality management, high moral hazard, heavy dependence on workers’ skills and experience. The innovative development model and Implementation Path proposed by the company have been highly recognized and recognized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, expert think tanks, provinces and municipalities and other government departments at all levels.


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