About Toman

ZHEJIANG TOMAN PRECISION MACHINERY CO., LTD. is a national Torch Program key high-tech enterprise, founded in 2006, mainly engaged in automatic equipment, intelligent components, industrial Internet applications and industrial 4 system integration and other products research and development, manufacturing and service. "TOMAN" means "the axis of the movement of the universe", symbolizing a "core and leadership" status, the spirit of "moving, enterprising and endless", and "TOMAN" as the "gold coin" of the ancient Persia, expressing the vision and goal of "becoming a leader in the field of profession" and "creating wealth for the customers and the society".

Since its creation, the company holds the road of independent innovation and development, and insists on providing products and services for the transformation and upgrading solutions of "machine replacement" and "intelligent manufacturing" in manufacturing industry. The main products of the machine are automatic bearing processing equipment, auto parts automation equipment, gear production automation equipment, heavy machine tool equipment and other high-end equipment, products are exported to the United States, Germany, Portugal, South Korea, Turkey, India and other countries and regions. At present, the automation equipment of bearing turning has become the leading enterprise in the field of technology, the highest market share and the most product series. Most of the auto parts processing automation equipment has filled the domestic blank. The technical performance of the high performance seven axis CNC hobbing machine has been in the leading level in the country. In the field of industrial Internet application and industrial 4 system integration, the advanced manufacturing system with TOMAN features intelligent factory integration solution, MES manufacturing execution system, SPC process quality control system, TOMAN-e micro intelligence system and other advanced manufacturing systems, as well as the bearing industry ecological flat platform have become the first batch of manufacturing enterprises in Zhejiang province. One of the few enterprises with intelligent manufacturing solutions has contributed to the promotion of the transformation and upgrading of Chinese traditional manufacturing enterprises from "manufacturing" to "intellectual creation".

In the vigorous and vigorous development of the company, the company has won the affirmation and praise from all walks of life. At present, the company has formed more than 40 products with independent intellectual property rights, and has declared more than 350 national patents and software copyright, including more than 80 patents, more than 50 new products or scientific research projects at the provincial and national level, and the drafting of 8 industrial standards. "National Torch Program key high-tech enterprises", "Zhejiang Province patent demonstration enterprise", "Provincial Industrial Information Engineering Key Enterprise Research Institute", "Zhejiang Province fifth science and technology new Zhejiang Merchants", "provincial growth star enterprise", "provincial high-tech enterprise research and development center", "small and medium and small enterprises in Zhejiang province" Innovation and development advanced unit, Zhejiang province science and technology enterprise, Zhejiang province innovation model small and medium enterprise, AAA grade credit grade enterprise, Zhejiang provincial private enterprise science and Technology Innovation Award, provincial enterprise technology center, "Zhejiang province" machine replacement engineering service company in Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang province industry cloud should With the demonstration platform and other honors and titles. The company "adhere to industry, independent innovation" and "ambition to do the leading sheep of the industry", such as the CCTV "focus interview", "Guangming Daily" and other mainstream news media have been reported in succession, causing widespread social concern.

With the vision of "becoming a leader in the field of professional field", the company adheres to the value concept of "doing a respected thing" and insists on the management strategy of "the wise man, always taking the lead", and making the company with the wisdom and hands of all TOMAN people to become an enterprise that makes "employees proud", "customer satisfaction" and "social respect".


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