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  • Key High-tech Enterprises of the National Torch Plan
  • Provincial R&D Center for High-tech Enterprises
  • Provincial Enterprise Technology Center
  • Zhejiang Patent Demonstration Enterprise
  • Zhejiang SME Technology Center
  • Zhejiang Private Enterprises Science and Technology Innovation Award
  • AAA Credit Level Enterprises
  • Pilot demonstration enterprises of provincial manufacturing industry and Internet integration development
  • Provincial Industrial Internet Platform
  • Digital Leading Enterprise of Equipment Manufacturing Industry in Zhejiang Province
  • Zhejiang Shangyun Benchmarking Enterprise
  • Zhejiang Big Data Application Demonstration Enterprise
  • The First Batch of "Machine Exchange Engineering Service Company" in Zhejiang Province
  • First batch of "Industrial Information Engineering Service Company" in Zhejiang Province
  • The First Batch of Intelligent Renovation Engineering Service Companies in Zhejiang Province
  • Accumulative drafting and formulation of 8 industry standards
  • First batch of provincial key enterprise research institutes of Industrial Information Engineering in Zhejiang Province
  • More than 350 patents and software copyrights have been declared.
  • Zhejiang Province's First Industrial Cloud Application Demonstration Platform
  • Among them, more than 80 patents were invented.
  • The First Industrial Internet Platform Promotion Enterprises in Zhejiang Province
  • To undertake more than 50 new products or scientific research projects at the provincial and national levels
  • The First Industrial Internet Platform of "1+N" Industry in Zhejiang Province
  • ……


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