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Usetalents skillfullyCompany has different talent demands at different developmental stages, should use different talents boldly and reasonably. For all practical purposes,,the company should use the most suitable talent for the development of it. Volume of cherishing the talentsHave the tolerance of "All rivers run into sea", draw upon the people of the world of the director and himself, admit others strengths, obtained the help from others, which is the ancients said the truth“Wide heart embraces all”. Treat people with sincerityThose who have the talent, the loss of talent who died. If you are good to people, it is very natural that people are good to you. Treating people sincerely can make anyone to be your core. Cultivate talentsIf the company wants to develop and grow, it needs to follow up and complement talents. On the basis of making good use of existing talents, pay attention to cultivating and reserving talents.


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