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Forging and grinding robot

TOMAN Forging robot is designed using machine structure that has high structural rigidity, high stability, the general stamping robot can not be compared and can work long-term in the high environment 800~1100℃;

It is convenient to change the end manipulator claw that can grab finished products the diameter 90mm~230mm, weight is not greater than 5kg of the workpiece;

Repeat positioning is accurate. The machine main movement is driven by servo motor and scroll orbit. It is high precision, long life and terminal repeat positioning accuracy can get + / - 0.2 mm;

The robot hand position has an additional automatic circulation cooling module, which can effectively stop temperature transfer, improve stability and the service life;

Robot has axis X, Z movement, which can effectively cover area of forging up and down material;

The robot has friendly people-machine interface, with communication module and interface. It can be easily realized control signal matching with machine tools and other equipment;

Robot equipped with LCD touch screen is easy to complete the relevant parameters settings of the user;

Each robot has an independent control system and is equipped with a standard online communication interface. So it can undertake single machine work, and also can undertake more than one connection;

Robot has mould memory storage function, and the adjustment time for the product change is not more than 20 minutes.


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