Cultural center

“Cause of the rise or fall, the key to the people”. TOMAN gain a foothold step by step through competition in the market, what it relies on a large number of staffs who are like-minded, having the courage to play but not fearing danger. Among them, some staffs are accompanied with TOMAN from small to large, outstanding contribution to the entrepreneurial model. Some staffs are the excellent staffs with dedication and selfless struggle that have been selected by the company in recent years. And another touching staffs who root in the line but unknown. These all people are amiable, respectable and trusted even though they are different ages and jobs.

They create abundant material value and precious spiritual wealth in their own jobs. On them, they converge the highlights of TOMAN which spirit is “the greatest efforts, rapid response and innovation, willing to devote”. Let us look for the moving of ordinary jobs from the most beautiful stories of TOMAN. Learn from each other and put into company's rapid development practice.

The dream of TOMAN is to build an enterprise of “staff pride, customer satisfaction, social respect”. For the dream, TOMAN is still walking on the road of entrepreneurship. TOMAN people are still struggling.


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