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The first “TOMAN filial - hearted star” in the year 2014
To carry forward the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation elderly pension, and fully reflect the company's core value -"To do what would be respected" , the company carries out the first “TOMAN filial - hearted star” in the year 2014. Finally, eight filial - hearted stars are judged through the propaganda and mobilization, the team rating, household investigation and other process. The eight filial piety stars honor their elders,have harmonious neighborhood, a harmonious family and solidarity workers. They achieve the standards fully. We feel their touching story and hope to improve our moral level so as to create more harmonious family and promote the company more harmonious.
  • Ding Hangcheng
    Entered the company in 2009, who is a technician of bearing equipment division. He changes filial piety into the sunlight that can warm the hearts of parents. Not although living with his parents, but his family live not far away. He takes care of his parents. Often visit his parents, know their living and add clothes for them. No matter winter or summer, as long as there is time, he will accompany his mother to do business. The seemingly simple pay, but full of deep filial piety.
  • Liang Haidong
    Entered the company in 2012, who is a fitter of CNC machine division. He records and drabs of his life, showing the young man's filial piety. As young people, listen to his elders. The parents work in the city and he often visits them. Accompany them to eat a meal and talk about the details. When the grandmother-in-law was ill in Jiangxi, he went to Yiwu to bring his father-in-law back to visit his sick grandmother. One time, a neighbor was ill, and he took him to the hospital in the middle of the night. His heart is full of goodwill to interpret?filial piety.
  • Lv Gang
    Entered the company in 2011, who is a sales manager of CNC machine division. He believes that Thanksgiving is the root of filial piety and is also a responsibility. Although living with their parents, but he needs to travel extensively with his varied business interests.?However, the parents say he call to ask the situation at home every night. His filial piety is not only to the parents, but also the other people of the family, especially?for more than 90 years old grandmother and grandmother. He lets the traditional filial piety is full of every detail of life.
  • Lv Yanzhong
    Entered the company in 2011, who is an inspector of bearing equipment division. He loves no words, filial piety silent. For three years his father had Alzheimer's disease, he has took care of his daily living. In hot summer, he has toweled his father, open electric fan and burnt a mosquito coil. In cold winter, he has open electric blanket and burnt the brazier. Because his father ate soft rice, usually he cooked specially three meals. Daily living was taken carefully until his father died. It is "a dutiful son long before bed". And until now his wife is still very soft cooked rice.
  • Wang Yijiang
    Entered the company in 2012, who is a fitter of bearing equipment division. He has a selfless heart, and writes a song of filial song. Father suffered from cancer at home and only had three months life. He turned over at home to take care of his father. Wipe the body for his father, end feces urine and accompany his father to the ending. Because of family economic reasons, he gave up studying and worked in the capsule factory to support his brother schooling when he was 17 years old until the university graduates. His mother says he is loyal. He warmed his father with the deepest love and inherits filial piety with the most simple action.
  • Wu Yongjun
    Entered the company in 2012, who is an electrician of bearing equipment division. He never abandon, force of filial piety. He comes from Guangxi Guilin and lives at wife’s home. Two years ago, the mother-in-law had cerebral aneurysm rupture and?has been in bed and unable to look after herself. Originally abundant day, because of his mother's treatment, the economy has become very tight. And he raises the family right alone. Prosperity can not verify original intention of filial piety. Difficulty can reflect the meaning of filial piety.
  • Zhang Jianhua
    Entered the company in 2010, who is a boring of technological research center. He lets filial piety into daily life and be transmitted anytime. They live with his mother. He's always been wonderful with his mother. When his mother was painful of gall stone, he went through the admission and transfer procedures by himself. He took cake of his mother until leaving hospital. He is prepared to educate their children to be filial piety the elders. His passion and filial piety are priceless.
  • Zhou Fuying
    Entered the company in 2011, who is a driver of administrative center. He knows the crow feeding, lamb kneeling milk.?When his mother got a serious disease and is in hospital, he took care of her to feed and water, wipe the body and end feces urine his mother died. As well as mother-in law had a stroke in bed and entered homes for the elderly, he visited her every week. Washed head and feet, changed diapers, had a chat with her and took care of her. His behaviour is attracting favourable comment by the neighbors.


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