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VISION:To be the leader in the specialized field. We will deepen our efforts in subdivisions (industries),Committed to be a leader in the segment (industry),It is emphasized that there is only first and no second.

MISSION:Drive customer value promotion by innovation. Continuously create and improve products and services with innovation, and continuously create and enhance value for customers.

Values:To do what would be respected. "Create happiness for employees, create wealth for customers, and create value for society" is regarded as the most basic code of conduct and values for enterprises and employees to behave and do things.

Enterprise spirit:The greatest efforts, rapid response and innovation, willing to devote. Conscientious and hard-working attitude, vigorous work efficiency, open and inclusive innovation vitality, with the spirit of dedication.

Business strategy: Wise, always keep one step ahead. "Always leading" requires continuous leading; "one step ahead" means to emphasize the "degree" of leading, and one step ahead means to be advanced and become the pioneer in three steps; "leading" means to "be able to meet the market (customer) demand one step ahead", "keep one step ahead with competitors in technology (mode)" and "be able to self surpass one step in management".

Innovative idea:Take an open and inclusive attitude and let innovation leads development in the long run. Establish an open and inclusive mentality and concept, promote and build an ecosystem of all staff innovation and internal and external collaborative innovation through mechanism and culture, so as to drive the sustainable and long-term development of enterprises through innovation.


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