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Code of conduct 1、the ten major acts of employees
Loyal to the enterprise, love their jobs;
Full of passion, go all out, positive and uplifting;
Obey the arrangement, Dare to take responsibility; individuals subordinate to group, The part must be subordinated to the whole, the lower level subordinate to the higher level;
work in unity and close cooperation, respect others, build up spirit of team fights;
Study hard, and constantly improve the level of their own business;
To focus on customers, to provide quality products and services;
Take care of the company's property, keep strictly confidential information of the company, and consciously safeguard the safety of the company;
Keep the environment clean and tidy, Pay attention to their appearance, be hospitality and courtesy, maintain company image;
Modest and prudent, stick to the truth, to adhere to the principle, be brave in criticism and self ? criticism;
To strengthen the moral character, advocate spiritual civilization, do not do harm to the moral thing;

2、Eight requirements of being a competent leader;
Loyal to the enterprise, be brave in taking responsibility, become an example of the staff in all respects;
Keep the tail from wagging the dog, work with certain forward-looking, not in their own interests or momentary impulse affect team decisions;
Can relentlessly upgrade their team to help employees continue to grow;
We can penetrate among employees to transfer their positive energy and optimism, and make employees full of passion and dreams ;
To do things fair and decisive, not afraid of offending people, In a frank and transparent to build the trust of others for their own;
To understand and execute instructions and intentions of superiors;
Innovation, study hard, learn to accept new things and participate in the management of change; know how to share the results with employees.


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